In addition to emphasising litigation-preventive legal guidance, we have built a pool of strong litigation lawyers who take on litigation for effective results when and if litigation arises. We have been involved in the prosecution or defence of very sensitive and complex claims in all the areas of the law in which we have specialist interest, in the different tiers of Courts in Nigeria.



We conduct litigation and legal practice generally from the time-value perspective of the businessman – the client whose agent we are. We insist on using the law as an instrument of effective social engineering, for the good of business and greater social good. To us, law – or the litigation part of it – is not just a body of technical rules for the earning of a living. It is meant for man and his endeavours and not man for it.



The Arbitration, Litigation and ADR Group is our strongest arm and the litigation lawyers in this group undergo consistent continuing legal education in their particular areas of interest to enable them render services to a variety of clientele drawn from practically every sector of the economy.