Banking, Financial and Property Services



We work for a wide variety of banks and other financial institutions especially in secured credit transactions; project, industrial and trades finance; debt recoveries and insurance. As a benefit of a sustained research on the matter, we are able to advise banks (as lenders) on the best ways of securing their interests in loan transactions involving certificates of occupancy as collateral, as against the popular practice of just taking those certificates along with the regular Deed of Mortgage without more. Following our advice, banks are saved from loss if and when the certificate suffers invalidity or revocation before the loan is completely repaid.



We are often consulted on corporate or project finance issues for oil and gas projects, manufacturing and telecoms etc; investment, business reorganization and insolvency.



We manage large size commercial and domestic properties for investors/landlords; source properties for potential investors and investors for willing sellers. We handle all stages and aspects of property acquisition documentation and perfection.



Intellectual Property


Our Solicitors are experienced in matters of copyright, trademarks, patent, licensing and franchising. We handle application with respect to patents, design and trademark and register clients’ products with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.



We work together with World Intellectual Property Organisation and handle arbitration, mediation and other types of dispute resolution.