Oil and Gas Law, Environmental Law



We render consultancy and normal-run legal services to existing and intending investors in the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector, especially in resource-exploitation joint venture agreements and contracts; contracts for procurement and supply of tools and equipment; representative sales agreements; Arbitration, Conciliation and, or negotiation of oil and gas pollution matters and environmental impact assessments and audits generally.



We have acted for the major and smaller oil producing and oil service firms in Nigeria- multinationals and lesser scale Nigerian companies. We have handled and are currently handing in the different tiers of Nigerian Courts important cases involving oil and gas pollution and claims related to the corollaries of oil and gas production in the economy. Some of these claims involved or involve complex seismic and other kindred data which we have had to interpret with the assistance of relevant professionals and explain to the Courts for appropriate decisions. We are equally handling complex international and domestic arbitrations in Oil and Gas and related sectors such as Maritime.



We have investigated local incidents in the industry for offshore oil companies and law firms. That the firm started in Port Harcourt and has a very strong presence in the town has ensured for it (the firm) tremendous experience and good will in this area of work.